We Have an integrated abattoir come meat processing plant. This plant has been certified by the AGRICULTURAL AND PROCESSED FOOD PRODUCTS EXPORT DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY under the ministry of commerce government of India.

JQE is equipped with most recent and techno driven sophisticated machinery and backed up by trained manpower. Our state of art plant is located in Maharashtra. Built to meet and match the international standards of specifications, our plant is loced with modern facilities to process "100% Halal" meat. the machinery have been meticulously chosen to provide most hygienic in the safe most working environment. The combination of our new generation facility, equipment, diligent staff and stringent quality  control procedures enable us to offer our customers quality meat. Our organized infrastructure enable us produce 100% export quality meat to cater to the international demands of Indian Buffalo meat eating consumers.



JQE's processing unit has the monthly capacity to produce Boneless buffalo meat of 2000M Tons. The unit is approved by APEDA Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. The produced goods are supplied principally to importers, catering industry, Supermarkets and whole-sellers. The company offers all kind of finest quality meat products.

Processs :-

The first step after we procure fresh meat from our slaughter houses is to unload it in the "chillers". The second step is the "De-boning" of the meat. after removing of bones from meat the we process as per the order specifications and requirements. Following are the other important steps,

After processing, the meat is weighed and segregated into certain weight slabs and moved further for packing.

In order to remove heat from the meat , the products are placed in the blast chiller that offers greater heat removal capacity and utilizing high-velocity, convicted air directed through the product zone to promote fast, even cooling of foods.

When weighed and segregated, the meat is fresh packed hygienically with safe and food-grade packaging.When weighed and segregated, the meat is fresh packed hygienically with safe and food-grade packaging.

Further, the meat is plate frozen, which is quicker methods, where containers are sandwiched between two refrigerated plates and frozen in from 10-15 Hours at -41 Degree Celsious.

The packed items are then pre-chilled in order to retain the quality and lonevity.

Once the meat is removed from plate freezer/blast freezer. The are packed as per client specification.